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Palo Alto, CA 94306
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Dispute Resolution and Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Miller

About Us

About Jeffrey C. Miller

Jeff holds a degree in political science and government from Dartmouth and received his law degree from Cornell University.  He worked at a mid-sized San Francisco-Palo Alto-San Jose firm for approximately five years and started his own firm in Palo Alto in the mid-1980s.  His primary areas of practice include representing clients in the formation and operation of businesses, assisting in a variety of employment-related matters, handling a range of real estate matters relating to businesses, and acting as a mediator and arbitrator primarily of business disputes.

What distinguishes Jeffrey C. Miller

Prompt Service

It’s one of the top complaints people make about lawyers: they don’t return phone calls.  This is something Jeff is keenly aware of, and also what distinguishes him from many other attorneys.  Not only does he promptly return client phone calls and emails, but he personally answers his phone rather than an answering service or a receptionist.  When he is not available to answer his phone, calls go directly to his personal voice mail account which informs the caller of his detailed schedule and availability for that day, and which he frequently monitors. While he does have support staff on hand to make his business run smoothly, clients always have a direct line to Jeff.  Not many lawyers offer such personal and prompt service.
A Unique Small Business Perspective

As a business owner himself, Jeff understands how expenses can impact the bottom line.  Hiring a business attorney to anticipate, advise upon and resolve legal issues can save a small business a lot of money in the long-run, but the costs of the attorney are real and still impact profits.  Since Jeff is a small business owner in addition to being a small business lawyer and advocate, he believes representing small businesses and mid-size businesses needs to be done efficiently and quickly, and in a way that impacts the business in a positive way.  This approach helps Jeff’s clients protect their legal interests while preserving valuable resources that can be spent on preserving and growing their businesses.
Big Firm Service at a Reasonable Cost

You sometimes hear from lawyers: “We provide big firm service at a small firm and reasonable cost.”  But what does that mean?  At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Miller, that means clients don’t have to pay the high overhead costs of running a large firm, but they still benefit from the expertise Jeff has developed in his business law practice of over thirty years, as well as the wide network of professionals (attorneys with different areas of expertise, accountants, bookkeeping services, human resources services and others) that he has actively cultivated throughout those years.  These attorneys and other specialists are available to consult on matters only when needed, which means Jeff can represent his clients at a more reasonable cost than what a larger firm would charge, while offering a superior level of expertise.  
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